Los Angeles Pet Cemetery – Calabasas, CA

The Los Angeles Pet Cemetery was founded in 1928 by celebrity vet Dr. Eugene Jones. Celebrities and Hollywood elite have been burying their beloved pets in this cemetery for decades. Some of the most notable celebrity pets buried here are “Pete” from The Little Rascals, “Cheetah” from the Tarzan movies, Hopalong Cassidy’s horse “Topper” and pets belonging to Hollywood stars like Humphrey Bogart, Jimmy Durante, Mae West, Mary Pickford, and Rudolph Valentino.

Of all the beloved critters buried in this cemetery, the one who still likes to make appearances the most is Rudolph Valentio’s Alsatian Doberman named “Kabar”. Although “Kabar” died in 1929, Visitors to the cemetery have witnessed the ghostly pup panting and reportedly licking people who get close to it’s grave. Sounds like such a good boy!

You can visit the cemetery’s official website here: https://lapetcemetery.com/.

Photo from https://lapetcemetery.com/