Musgrove Chapel Cemetery – Winfield, AL

About sixty-five miles north of Birmingham in northern Alabama you’ll find the city of Winfield. In 1904, a prominent citizen of Winfield was killed in a train wreck. On his grave site, his family put an eight-foot-tall granite obelisk.

Every day for fifty-years, his heartbroken sweetheart would bring fresh flowers to his grave. She would kneel in prayer daily right up until the day she died. About six months after she died in 1962, witnesses said they saw her silhouette kneeling in prayer just as she did during her life. They also noticed that a dark stain in the shape of her silhouette had formed on the side of the obelisk.

Eventually, pictures of this phenomena leaked out and curious visitors would surround the gravesite to catch a glimpse. The family grew tired of the visitors, and had the stain sandblasted from the stone, but it soon returned. Even after several other attempts to remove the stain, it kept returning and remains to this day.