Haunted Cemeteries

Not too many places can evoke as much creepiness as a cemetery at night. Cemeteries around the world are notorious for being haunted; or at least for having stories told about how haunted they are and who – or what is haunting them. If you think about it, a place where many people are laid to rest seems like an obvious place to be haunted. On the other hand, it is also said that most souls choose to haunt locations that hold pleasant memories for them or places they are familiar with. I would bet that most people don’t have many fond memories of hanging out in a cemetery — so why would they want to hang out there after they die? Who knows.

Some of the suggested most common causes of these hauntings are deaths that occurred on the location where the cemetery was built. From mobsters who dumped their victims bodies to nice old farmers who died in a tractor accident, there are endless accounts of who may be haunting the cemeteries of the world and what caused the haunting to begin.

Just about every cemetery has a tale or two told about it being haunted and by whom. There are stories of ghostly young girls who like to go into town and hitch rides back to their cemetery home. There are tales of heart-broken mothers crying at their child’s gravesite. Some stories tell of not so docile spirits who haunt cemeteries and terrify people who visit the cemetery after dark. Still others are known for apparitions of long-dead soldiers looking for help finding their way.

Here are a Few of Our Featured Haunted Cemeteries:

Bladon Springs Cemetery in Bladon Springs, Alabama

This cemetery is said to be haunted by the ghost of Captain Norman Stiles. His ghost has been seen hovering over the graves of his children: James, Berth, Mable, and an un-named baby. Legend says his ghost fled his burning James T. Staples Riverboat and took refuge in the cemetery.

Stull Cemetery – Kansas City, KS

Legend says that Stull Cemetery is the resting place of a devil child. Local residents have nicknamed the place the Gates to Hell and some people believe this cemetery is one of the 7 gateways to Hell. Still some residents believe the stories are all fiction made up by the local university.

Dawson Cemetery — Cimarron, NM

Dawson New Mexico was incorporated in 1901 and soon thereafter the city became a major coal source for the southern Pacific and the Santa Fe railroads. The city experienced a boom due to the mine and soon became the largest single industry town in the Southwest.