Stull Cemetery – Kansas City, KS

Legend says that Stull Cemetery is the resting place of a devil child.  Local residents have nicknamed the place the Gates to Hell and some people believe this cemetery is one of the 7 gateways to Hell.  Still some residents believe the stories are all fiction made up by the local university.

Stories say that a seventeen-year-old boy who died of typhoid in the 1890s is said to materialize as a werewolf and hide in trees in the old cemetery.  Satanists reportedly conduct rituals in the graveyard, and evil presences are said to materialize during the spring and fall equinoxes.

The old church in the below photo was mysterious leveled in 2002.  No owners gave permission for this leveling, and no one is quite sure what happened.

The tiny town of Stull is in northeastern Kansas, west of Kansas City in Wyandotte County. The cemetery is east of town off Highway 5.

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